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Providing both residential and commercial junk removal services in Brooklyn & Queens NYC.
We also provide cleaning services all through the year.

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We are just a call away from help! Call us for residential and commercial junk removal services.

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Our experienced and knowledgeable staff have continued hands-on training sessions in house.


We are quick, reliable, accommodating and  knowledgeable about the trade.

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Our goal is complete customer satisfaction for everyone

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Emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

About us

Our Journey

Our story at Strictly Junk Removal is deeply rooted in the heart of Brooklyn NYC. It all began with a simple yet powerful vision by our founder, Jamie Hidalgo, a Brooklyn native with a passion for community, cleanliness, and sustainability. Seeing the bustling streets of Brooklyn often cluttered with unwanted items, Jamie Hidalgo recognized a vital need for efficient and eco-friendly junk removal services. This realization sparked the birth of Strictly Junk Removal.

Growing with the Community:
Our journey has been one of growth and commitment. Starting with a single truck and a strong determination, we ventured into the neighborhoods of Brooklyn NYC, offering reliable and affordable junk removal services. Our mission resonated with the community, and soon, word of our exceptional service spread. We became known for our ability to handle all types of junk – from bulky furniture to electronic waste – with professionalism and ease.

Expanding to Meet Demand:
As demand grew, so did our team and capabilities. We invested in more vehicles, hired local talent, and expanded our services to cover more areas within Brooklyn and later, Queens. Throughout our expansion, we've stayed true to our core values: providing top-notch customer service, upholding eco-friendly practices, and being a responsible member of the community.

A Leader in Brooklyn Junk Removal:
Today, Strictly Junk Removal stands as a leading name in Brooklyn for all junk removal needs. Our deep understanding of the unique urban landscape and the specific challenges faced by Brooklyn residents and businesses allows us to offer tailored solutions that others simply can't match. We're more than just a service; we're a community partner, helping to keep Brooklyn clean, green, and clutter-free.

Looking Toward the Future:
As we look to the future, our commitment to Brooklyn and Queens remains unwavering. We continue to evolve, adopting new technologies and practices to enhance our services and reduce our environmental footprint. Our journey is ongoing, and we invite you to be a part of it. Whether you're in a high-rise apartment, a historic brownstone, or a commercial complex, Strictly Junk Removal is your go-to solution for all things junk removal in Brooklyn and beyond.

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Jessica Robinson

Project Manager


Jessica Robinson

Project Manager


Jessica Robinson

Project Manager


Jessica Robinson

Project Manager


Jessica Robinson

Project Manager

How we work

Find reliable junk removal in Brooklyn & Queens NYC when you need them most

While certain junk issues can be quickly addressed with do-it-yourself methods, most junks require the assistance of a professional.



We come by and evaluate the size & type of the junk



We send you an estimate in no more than 2 days


Lug the Junk

We come by within 2 days and lug your junk away


Clean Up

We also make sure we clean up any debris & sweep up

What we offer

Services without limits

Our team proudly offers an on-time guarantee and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. It’s why we make sure that our team are highly trained and fully equipped to meet your junk removal service needs.

Trust the be Strictly Junk Removal team to lug your junk for Brooklyn & Queens NYC commercial junk.

What we take

Trust the Strictly Junk Removal team to lug your junk for Brooklyn & Queens NYC residential units.

What we take
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