How It Works

$99 on any furniture removal

Come take advantage of our summer furniture removal in lower parts of Brooklyn NY!



Book an appointment with us and we'll reach out to you.


Point / Photo

Point or take a photo of your furniture.


Lug the Junk

We come by within 2 days and lug your junk away


Clean Up

We also make sure we clean up any debris & sweep up


Qualifying Locations

Only the locations and nearby neighborhoods listed below are qualified for this promotion.

Park Slope



Sunset Park

Borough Park

Carroll Garden


Do I need a coupon?
No. You do not need a coupon for this furniture removal promotion. Just reach out to us online or give us a call at (917) 442-4135 and mention the $99 furniture removal promotion.

What types of furniture are qualified?
We take just about any types of furniture: Bed mattress, spring box, bed frames, chairs, sofas, ottoman, recliners, bench, couch, love seat, small billiard tables, tv, piano, countertop, desk, workbench, bookcase, cabinetry, closets, liquor cabinet, pantry, cupboard, nightstand, shelving, wine rack, wardrobe, and more!

How many furniture can i get removed with this promotion?:
Only 1 furniture can be removed with this promotion.

How much do furniture removal usually cost?
Most furniture junk removal usually cost from $118 to $400+. Checkout our pricing page for a full price breakdown on all types of junk removals.

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