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Trust the Strictly Junk Removal team to provide you with the best rubbish-hauling solutions for residential and commercial properties.

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We’re the expert junk removal in Jackson Heights, Queens NY. Our team specialize in estate junk removal, hoarding junk removal, eviction cleanouts and more.

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Junk has a way of accumulating everywhere—attics, garages, basements, backyards, and almost anywhere else on your property. It often goes unnoticed until it becomes overwhelming. Suddenly, you find yourself asking, "Where did all this stuff come from, and how can I possibly get rid of it?"

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you clear out your unwanted items quickly and affordably. Whether it's piles of clothes, overflowing trash bags, stacks of boxes, or any other types of junk cluttering your space, we're here to assist. Business owners, we've got you covered too! From outdated office furniture to unused equipment, and even large-scale trash and debris—whatever you need gone, we'll handle it. We'll clear out your workspace, leaving it neat and orderly. No job is too small or too large for us; whether it's a single item or multiple truckloads, we're ready to take the burden off your shoulders.

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Trust the be Strictly Junk Removal team to lug your junk for Brooklyn & Queens NYC commercial junk.

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Trust the Strictly Junk Removal team to lug your junk for Brooklyn & Queens NYC residential units.

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What is hoarder cleanout service?

A hoarder cleanout service is a specialized offering designed to assist individuals suffering from hoarding disorder in decluttering and organizing their living areas. This service includes sorting through belongings, identifying items to discard, and ensuring their proper disposal.

Why should I hire a hoarder cleanout service in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY?

Engaging a hoarder cleanout service in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY, brings numerous advantages. These professionals possess the skills and knowledge required to handle the complexities of hoarding disorder effectively and can guarantee a safe, empathetic approach to the cleanout process.

How do I recognize if I or someone I know is affected by hoarding disorder?

Hoarding disorder is marked by a continuous struggle to discard possessions, regardless of their actual value, leading to severe clutter that disrupts daily living and causes distress.

Can a hoarder cleanout service in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY, assist with hoarding disorder?

Yes, hoarder cleanout services can significantly aid those with hoarding disorder by offering professional support and facilitating the decluttering process, thereby helping individuals manage their belongings more effectively.

What can I expect from a hoarder cleanout service?

During a hoarder cleanout service, the professional team conducts an initial assessment of the clutter level and formulates an action plan. They then collaborate with you or your loved one to sift through belongings, decide what to retain, and responsibly dispose of the rest.

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Our Most Requested Cleanout Services

At Strictly Junk Removal, we remove a vast array of items, including:

1. House Cleanouts

Ready to renovate, move, or simply declutter? We’ve got you covered. Our services include the removal of household junk such as furniture, appliances, electronics, and more, ensuring your property is left spotless and free from unwanted items.

2. Property Cleanouts

For both commercial and residential properties, we offer comprehensive junk removal services. We can take care of everything from outdated furniture and appliances to construction debris and yard waste, clearing out any clutter from your property.

3. Eviction Cleanouts

Landlords and property managers occasionally face tenants leaving behind clutter upon vacating. We assist with eviction cleanouts by removing any leftover items and preparing the property for its next occupants.

4. Estate Cleanouts

The loss of a loved one is challenging, and sorting through their belongings can add to the stress. Our team at Strictly Junk Removal offers estate cleanout services, handling the removal and disposal of unwanted items so you can concentrate on more pressing matters.

5. Garage Cleanouts

Garages often become storage areas for unwanted or unused items, leading to clutter and

Top rated junk removal, hauling and demolition service in Jackson Heights, Queens.

Strictly Junk Removal is a top-rated junk removal and hauling service in Jackson Heights Queens, NY, boasting 5-star Google reviews. We provide affordable and high-quality junk hauling, including demolition services. We are known for our responsiveness and strive to offer same-day services. Fully insured, we handle all types of junk pickup, trash removal, demolition, and more.

The simplest junk removal solution in Jackson Heights, Queens.

Need to clear out old furniture, appliances, electronics, tires, construction debris, or yard waste? It’s never been easier in Jackson Heights! With upfront, honest pricing and a promise to beat any competitor's rates, choosing Strictly Junk Removal is a no-brainer. Let our local Jackson Heights, Queens junk haulers tackle the heavy lifting. We can remove almost any material that fits in our trucks, directly from its current location, leaving no mess or damage behind. Contact us today for professional junk removal in Jackson Heights and find an affordable solution to declutter and dispose of your unwanted items efficiently.

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